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Our Drain Inspection & Drain Surveying Service

We provide a highly specialised drain inspection and drain surveying service, that is none invasive and is able to establish exactly what issues your drains have.

 If you would like more information please call, email, or book a free consultation. We are always happy to help.

Do I really need a survey?

Drain surveys may be needed for a many reasons, a few are outlined below:

 If you keep on getting reoccurring unexplained blockages, you may need a drainage survey. 

If you are thinking of buying a house with an unknown history to the groundwork's.

You see subsidence and are unsure if it is drain related.

Drain Survey (visual only)
1 hr
Drain Survey (with report)
1 hr

CCTV drainage surveys are the most cost effective way to establish the issues within your drains. Whether it is subsidence, cracked drains or collapsed drains, we can tell you and give you information on a remedy. Being different from many other drainage companies who do not have accesses to drainage cameras, we have an arsenal of cameras suited to a variety of environments, which will easily allow us to understand your drainage system and stopping any costly damage to find out if you have a drainage issue. We can however, with these tools, find your problem quickly and efficiently. Drain surveys and inspections are our speciality. Contact us now to book your appointment today.

Our drain survey costs £149-£189 fixed price


One of our more specialised services is drain surveying and inspection. Drain inspection cause unique issues when it comes to access when we are able to overcome with our specialised tools. Unchecked drains can often cause dangerous and expensive problems to arise. As part of our drain survey services we are able to provide a concise report so you know as a customer exactly what was causing your problems, as well as,  a plan of your drainage system so you know where your problems are. 

Full Report

All our drain surveys come with a full report of your drains and their positions. We provide a detailed plan so that you can fully understand the drains at your premises. This is one of the many reasons why our service is one of the best around. This plan allows you to make an informed decisions about your drainage needs and brings to attention an issues that we notice that need to looked at further or fixed.



Our prices start for drain inspection and drain surveying at £149 and are some of the most reasonable available. Many of our competitors charge an excessive amount for drain surveying however, we make it as affordable as possible and will not be beaten on a like for like quote. No matter how long we are there one hour or six our price is fixed and you will not pay more than quoted.